Home Equipment

Our services are backed by the upgraded tools, techniques and equipment that we employ in our functioning. Some of the equipment include 7 Portable Concrete Mixtures, 4 Batching Plant, Vibrators, 15 Lifts, 2 Bobcat, 12 Pumps, 4 Plate Compactors, 8 Motors, 1 Tower Crane, 3 Compression Testing Machine, 4 D. G. Set, 2 Multi-purpose Machines for wood work, 3 Monkey Cranes and other Testing Equipment.

Other equipment include

Centering and Shuttering

  • Centering and Shuttering Material of Steel & Ply – 6,50,000 sq. ft.

Scaffolding Material

  • Scaffolding Material Such as Props, Jacks & Channels – 7,50,000 Nos.

Mechanical Equipment

  • Mechanical Equipment such as Way Batcher, Batching Plant, Theodolites

Levelling Instruments

  • Levelling Instruments & Surveying Equipment & Cutting Machine for Wood, etc.

By upgrading ourselves in the field of Construction Equipment, we have added tremendously to the Services that we provide. Due to the up gradation we ensure:
• Timely completion of projects: Usually we see construction projects witnessing
delays in execution. The main reason behind project delays is usage of less advanced machines. Hence, works in construction field can get smoother and faster with the help of equipment fitted with cutting-edge technologies, which can ensure project completion in given deadline. Latest technology not only gets the best results but also the precious time of the customer is also saved to a great extent.
• Enhances brand value: If projects are completed on time using highly advanced equipment, the brand value of business increases in the market, which in turn can help in getting new clientele. The up graded technology has added to our brand value and made us a forerunner in the real estate sector.
• Improves quality of work: Employing latest technology equipped tools allows our contractors to complete work with minimal quality defects. The errors that may occur due to human ignorance are now easily coped with the latest mixing, measuring and mapping techniques and tools that we are using.
• Performs multiple tasks: An old equipment may not be capable of doing all the work but machine embedded with advanced technology can do similar work smoothly and in less time. The tools and machinery that we employ enable our projects to be defect free and on time.
• Reduced cost: Last but not the least, our equipment with latest technologies require less maintenance. They are designed in such a way that they can work for long without major wear and tear. Earlier, we were using hired equipment that were not efficient as well as required a lot of maintenance. With the switching over to latest technology, working has become glitch free and the maintenance cost has been reduced substantially.