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We also undertake the demolition and renovation projects of existing buildings or spaces. Our expert team of engineers and architects sits down together at one place, so that there is no room for any discrepancy and one uniform plan of action can be reached to.

In a demolition project, we undertake the entire planning of the demolition process at firsthand, so that all the pros and cons can be studied and acted upon. The total demolition projects include:

• Demolition Planning
• Applying for Permits/Approvals
• Demolition of buildings and structures
• Construction waste reuse, recycling and disposal
• Remediation, reuse and disposal of contaminated soil
• Remediation and treatment of contaminated water
• Construction of new infrastructures

We can provide appropriate and efficient tools as well as adequate resources for all the demolition needs. We can react to changes in a way that does not compromise our customers’ plans for further use of the given site.

The renovation project starts with an extensive brainstorming by our architects and engineers, wherein they decide the design as per the requirements of the client or customer, the engineering techniques or mechanics to be employed, the machinery, workforce, time-period and costs required in the entire project.
The renovation project is always time-bound and we try and complete the entire project not on time but before the specified time.

Building parts in current use are carefully protected against dust and mechanical damage during the process of demolition or renovation. We take the special requirements of renovation and demolition into account. We prepare in advance for the changes of plans, which we often face at renovation sites, in order to maintain the overall project schedule. The demolition site is always carefully cleaned before being handed over to the client for further construction or other use. The renovation site is given to the client in a ready to use state, where the client is not required to clean or dust the space. The entire cleaning, dusting and disposal of waste is taken care by us, because we believe in delivering beautifully fulfilled dreams and not dust, dirt and debris.
GN can be entirely banked upon for any renovation or demolition project as we hold high order expertise in the field and this can be proved by the successful projects that have been undertaken and successfully completed by us.